When I opened my eyes in the morning on the beach, something was different. I realized that there was no sun. It was the fog. It was like the white-grey tonality of a cloudy day on the beach, but somehow it was the moody environment and a fantastic sight.


I stared at the window. – Is this what’s under the canals of Amsterdam? – asked Sarah. I frown as I ponder over my words. – Well, this is a fun way to raise awareness. – Yes! – said Sarah.


– Here is the path, – Jacob said. I started to think we were going the other way. There was a lot of light and hot air back there. I was opening and closing the eyes, trying to adapt them to the strong light.

Mountain Fog

The night before, Rita and I had organized a walk to the mountains. – This way, – Rita pointed out, showing me the new track we had discovered last week. Sophie and Rita sighed. – Are we still far? – Sophie asked.


Here the scene seemed to be frozen and untouchable. We were probably walking about two hours, but when we saw this landscape, everything changed, our legs were not tired, my head was not spinning with the hot weather… – It’s impossible, Joanne! – said Marta. I stared away.


The mountain showed right in front of us, so we were quiet. We took a deep breath, trying to find the right words to describe the moment. – The fog from above is beautiful! – said Megan loudly. – The mountain is very beautiful. – added Rita.

The river

He gave me his hand to help me get up to the mountain. – It’s beautiful. – Mila said. – This is the only landscape I remember when spring comes. – Leo said, standing next to Mila. – Well. – she said, turning to Leo. – And I?

Hey Sister!

This is a story that happened a long time ago … At that place, the view seemed to be frozen. As the fog advanced toward to the beach, it became more difficult to see people. – Maddison, why are you doing this? -Abbie asked.