Color explosion!!

It’s hilarious and the immaculate purity of adolescence and a contagious beauty. Suddenly, she stopped and looked up at the Coliseum to the ruins. Her glasses in various shades of blue, reflected the most important Roman amphitheater of Ancient Rome and all those who passed were not indifferent to the historical weight of the monument. … More Color explosion!!

Psychedelic feelings!

The picture starts to reflect bright lights and a boy behind this gradient orange tones. He didn’t notice that he was being observed and for most people he seemed strange. However, his charming boyish smile and the infinite joke of that youth, was a satisfactory response to enjoy the evening of the festival. After a while, … More Psychedelic feelings!

The concert!

Reflection on the concert: – Fantastic – replied, after a pause, one of the group of boys. As they entered, they came across a crowd, full of energy. The room was dark and you could only see silhouettes with shapes, “painted” black, for about ten minutes were standing there, waiting, parted lips and unnaturally bright … More The concert!

The orange hair!

For a relaxed and carefree person with its surrounding, the diversity of opinion on is beautiful and long orange tone hair, reveal that her spirit is free, indomitable and vital. From the sentimental point of view, the girl is the artist and the creator of beautiful things. In the description of the picture, suppress the … More The orange hair!


This picture takes us to a serene state, our mind has an effect on the conscious experience – A girl shows a sense of inner peace through their facial expression, her blond hair in the wind, the sun’s rays have on it the main source of energy. Glitter in turn symbolizes the soil, asphalt beneath our … More Glitter

The traffic light

The naturalness is only a pose. The wind shook some wires of Lisbon electric, the traffic light turns red and tourists are looking at the Praça do Comércio, known as Terreiro do Paço, while the indifferent residents to its thunderous landscape just keep walking … – What refined off life once! What magnificent its splendor and … More The traffic light

Private Access

– Arthur, Arthur – he shouted – let’s walk through, don’t you hear anything? – David, you leave me very uneasy. You are constantly under my care. I’m pretty sure that there is nothing behind this gate. – No – she replied David, with a pink face – the Key pick me up and let’s … More Private Access


The relationship between the knowledge and history translates into connection between them. The girl represents both, is illustrated through the Praça do Comércio in Lisbon, for many the noble center of this beautiful city, full of light, charm and mystery. Let’s go up to the top of Augusta Street – she said excitedly. The girl and her reflection on art, encompasses all art forms: design, literature, architecture and photography mirrored in one picture. Through the crowd, the girl stood … More Reflection

Hello! What’s your name?

Every friendship is built around a common feeling. Admire life with new people, however, put yourself in a situation of identification and curiosity: “Hello. What is your name? She said, approaching him. He spoke in a very funny tone and the conversation continued for a few brief moments… The nature and details – hat, watch, the boy and the garden that surround him are the bases for the … More Hello! What’s your name?

That endless horizon

The image reflects a spectacular landscape of nature and the girls. Gradually, it is established between nature and the girls a unique way of looking at life. Landscape – unique, original, put us in a situation of identification, mutual interrogation and seduction through the entire environment that is represented by the ocean, nature, the waves lapping … More That endless horizon