Summer heat!

The sea was calm, with a gradient effect of dark blue and green water, a light breeze ran through the colorful towels, straw hats created a fun and an exotic environment to the beach. A beach completely filled with tourists. There was in the air distinct accents, each one more beautiful than the other, some … More Summer heat!

The friendship!

The friendships between them are the main feeling that gives meaning and color to their lives! Andrew and Charlie on a summer day, hovering around 35 degrees they decided to go to the beach. The sea was calm, the sky was completely blue and no sign of a cloud in sight, the sun reflected on the water … More The friendship!

The Lisbon’s girl!

Waking up in Lisbon, city of colorful houses, the balconies full of flowers spreading out an intense scent of spring, the brighter and more intense sunlight you can ever seen. Walk through Lisbon and go to the discovery, through streets that seem endless mazes, the portuguese pants with irregular shapes and their alternative designs, the … More The Lisbon’s girl!

The girl!

The girl, in that morning, saw the world painted in pink. – I’ll go round and round and round – she crooned. There was no sound, unless it was the hot air, her breathing, the drop of lemon leaves and canaries murmured an angelic sound with the arrival of spring. I believe that if we … More The girl!

Let yourself go!

Hanna paused and she filled her chest as if to prepare to scream. Contemplating the clear blue sky, the field around them in golden tones, letting the fragrant air invades her lungs. She felt serene, without knowing why!  A vibrant smile crossed her lips, letting out a small laugh. – I’ll let me take! There was a … More Let yourself go!

On top of the world!

What the picture really reflects is life, feelings, purity, plainness, freedom. We are only the spectators of all beautiful things. – Sofia, this is extraordinary! We climbed to the top of the world, I catch sight from behind the mountain the universe … – You have a great imagination my dear friend! Both smile stupefied … More On top of the world!