Great Lisbon Wheel!

As I was approaching, I realised what a giant wheel looked like and changed colours every 30 seconds. I heard the “loud” sound of children; When I realised that, I felt creeps running down my spine just thinking that I was the next one. Maybe I should have run the other way, there were wooden … More Great Lisbon Wheel!


Chapter I There, the river was spreading into the sea. That morning, the sky was covered with a white blanket. Sophie and Phoebe woke up in the fog that was covering the island last few weeks. They looked up, the sun had already been born but they could not see it. That was the problem, … More Fog

Autumn Tree!

Instinctively, I put my arms around it. The wind flows in my face, the feeling of freedom and peace that we felt… I stopped thinking at that moment. – Autumn? Eva called. As time was passing, I began to notice all the sounds that were around me except Eva. I sighed deeply, thinking that it … More Autumn Tree!

The Moon!

Perhaps the earth had begun to turn in an opposite direction, today, I see everything contrariwise way to what happened on the previous day. “Let me be a child and dream!” In my dream, everyone in the world could be a child. The sky was painted in a blue light and the clouds looked like … More The Moon!

Pool Bubbles!

Perfumed garden with the rich scent of pine trees, you could feel a fragrance of various flowers that filled the entrance of Peter’s family vacation home. There was a girl next to the pool with long, straight and hazel colour hair, her smile was contagious, her face was represented as graceful and gentle so it … More Pool Bubbles!

Colourful night sky

The image stuck in my memory was incredibly beautiful. It was just perfect. The sky looked like layers in various warm tones, what surprised me most was the warm air that the mountains freed, nature is a mystery. I could stop time at that exact moment, the picture tells me everything I saw and felt. The … More Colourful night sky

At mountain

Time began to pass faster. I had no idea that hours were passing that fast – there was no reason, I tried to live every second of the day, but I had to leave behind that wonderful place, the smell of the wet earth, the frozen wind touched my skin… In fact, just one day … More At mountain