A Cloud

It was an impressive vision, especially to who had never seen such a thing: the sky was covered with clouds, which formed various kind of different shapes as animals, trees, some mountains, a river, it seemed to form a wild kingdom. – Bella, why do you look at the sky? Joshua asked. Bella turned her head, … More A Cloud


My eyes closed suddenly. A dense concentration of bushes concealed my face. – What are you doing, Sophie? He waited a few moments. “Well,” he said slowly, “to remind me of my childhood. “Hmm,” Alex muttered.


An American dream. In Washington state, there is a city called Seattle. The mountains, the sea, the rivers, the forest and the fields surround a city of Seattle. In this place the climate is cold and humid in the winter, hot and dry in the summer. It was in Seattle that I dreamed of spending my … More Seattle