Watching the sunrise


Everything was ready.
We had packed the backpack the night before to leave the house at 4 in the morning. The idea was to catch the first light of the sun at the top of the mountain.
We were really decided to go but still, we were not very enthusiastic, like the first time we visited the mountain, however, we felt we should go there.

There was still time to prepare the cameras. We waited 10 minutes and the first light of sun appeared …
For a long time, we stared at the sun without words.
– I dare to say there are no words to describe what my eyes see at this moment.
I looked again at the sun.
– Caren?
I could not think of anything to say.
 – Okay, let’s just enjoy the moment, – Jane said with a grin.
There are incredible places, you can visit once or twenty times, but in the end, there is always something extraordinary and unique.
– This place is magic, – said the two friends at the same time.

Estava tudo pronto.
Tínhamos preparado a mochila na noite anterior para saírmos de casa às 4 da manhã. A ideia seria apanhar os primeiros raios de sol no topo da montanha.
Por muito decididas que estivéssemos, não estávamos muito entusiasmadas, como na primeira vez que visitámos a montanha, no entanto, sentimos que devíamos voltar.
Ao chegar, ainda havia tempo para preparar as máquinas. Aguardamos 10 minutos e os primeiros raios de sol sairam…
Durante longos minutos, ficamos a observar o sol, sem palavras.
– Arrisco-me a dizer que não existem palavras para descrever o que os meus olhos veem, neste momento.
Olhei novamente para o sol.
– Caren?
Não me ocorria nada para dizer.
– Está bem, vamos apenas contemplar o momento – disse Jane com um largo sorriso.
Existem lugares incríveis, podes visitar uma vez ou vinte vezes, mas no fim aparece sempre algo de extraordinário e único.
– Este lugar é mágico – disseram as duas amigas ao mesmo tempo.

 Credits: Image and text thescheme617

3 thoughts on “Watching the sunrise

  1. Nice images and location. I have attempted to get good sunrise or sunset images on mountains but have not been very successful; I think because I’m not going to the peak. I shall continue to pursue though.

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    1. Thank you very much! We actually went to the top of mountain but you can take good pictures without going to the top. Very important is to find the right angle ( in my opinion), in this pictures the person was in front of the rising sun so the lights were great. The best thing is to change your position while you’re shooting the same object.

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