The Legend

I sighed deeply. -Anna, I heard that exists a village there. – Said Sophie. I took a look at the map that was in the bag. -Yes, the villagers should be here in this area and it’s not far from the motorway. -That’s right, going down the mountain and we will get to the village. Advertisements


A view from inside or outside, the view was, with no doubt, wonderful. It was impossible to stay indifferent. Cactus with so many shapes, sizes and colours. It was too green – like a dream on Earth.


I looked around to make sure no one was around. Besides, there were many people on Sunday to visit the exotic greenhouse in the city. – There you are! -Shouted Clara.

The Sun

I planned to sleep until later, but I felt a very strong light through the windows of my room … I love my village. I love the sun and the burning heat. I love green spaces and mountains full of trees.

The Sea

I sat down, I was in front of the sea, and I turned my head for a moment, I could hear the waves hitting against the rocks somewhere nearby; the sound of seagulls; the whistling of the wind and the smell of salt water.

Number 7

I arrived at the airport at 17:00 in the afternoon. Were 7ºC at Porto, the sky was cloudless and with a perfect blue, but it was very cold. -Mia, cannot feel my hands. -Said Andrea with a trembling voice. -We are in April, I thought it’d be a better time in Portugal. -Answered Mia, while walking … More Number 7


A long time ago Scotland was on my list of destinations to visit. Meet the north-northwest of Edinburgh, the area with the greenest landscapes, small rural villages and castles … ⁃ Liam your bag is still in the car. -Kathleen Said. ⁃ Ryan, Isaac, Gisele, everyone, go, to the car. We will have breakfast in the … More Scotland

Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial is, as the name indicates, a memorial dedicated to the 6 million Jews killed during the Nazi regime. – It is the second time I visit the Memorial to the murdered Jews in Europe. -Said Penelope. – It is also the second time I visit Berlin and spend at the Memorial. The … More Holocaust Memorial

Meteor Shower

On the night of December 13th to 14th, NASA announced that there would be a meteor shower. According to the news, the meteor shower of Geminids, happened because the Earth was currently crossing the orbit of the asteroid Phaeton …

Mountain range

It was in the middle of August and the day had begun with a small rain and the fog covered the mountains that protected the village. Last week, the thermometers had reached 40 degrees and a day with a rain was a blessing from the gods.