At that place, the scenery seemed to have come out of a movie.
While it was a day, I explored every corner of the mountain until I found a charming house …
– Hello! My name is Jacob and I live in one of these houses. May I help you?
– Good afternoon! said Rita in a trembling voice.
The silence that followed was very brief.

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I ran my fingers over the books, feeling each story inside the coloured covers.
I could imagine them writing every preface just as I’m writing mine, scratching line after line when words did not come out as I wish they would.
For a few moments, my body became immobilised and I simply focused on what was around me.
I was truly amazed. Bicycles everywhere?

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Porto – river Douro


Oh city with history, Oh city full of light, Oh city of wine!
I am a witness that I could get lost in this small town, between small streets and great avenues, with houses more and more colourful and full of history through the smell of fresh paint.
Porto offers a harmonious synthesis of ancient and contemporary attractions.
A city with character, with personality, of friendly people and with a charming accent, of a beauty that I lack words to describe what I have in my soul.

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Minimalist inspiration – Grace


When the artist is the inspiration we can reveal the art, we choose to hide her person yet.
The artist sees and sometimes finds in the small things of life, an inspiration.
Grace was in the center of the parking lot, with light hair, a pale face with cheekbones in a very subtle pink, a young woman of unusual beauty.
“I’m sorry, I know you’re going to laugh at me,” said an unknown person. “Could you pose for me?”

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The windows of Ribeira!


The Ribeira is one of the most symbolic places of the city of Porto, in Portugal. Is more and more a cosmopolitan city, full of light and life. It’s hard not to be a tourist in your own country, every day with the rising  and the setting of the sun the city takes on a different rhythm, a different light, a different smell, is a mix of emotions which you can not describe, you just need to feel it. The wind blows and clothes hanging on the clothesline are lead by the most beautiful songs, a boy plays accordion along the river, the birds return to their nests. Colourful houses next to Ribeira gain light with the setting of the sun, the street employs an aroma of cotton candy, children play with colourful balloons, young people laugh and share stories with each other, older people remember the other times, tourists look on the natural and architectural landscape. A gentle breeze coming through the windows inside while the sun rays played in shades of orange and yellow reflections in the glass. The houses are inhabited again, it is already 18.00 and the clock at this exact moment, I close my eyes and I’ll keep this moment forever.

A Ribeira é um dos locais mais emblemáticos da cidade Portuense, em Portugal. Uma cidade cada vez mais cosmopolita, cheia de luz e vida. É difícil não ser turista no próprio país, todos os dias com o nascer-do-sol e o pôr-do-sol a cidade ganha um ritmo diferente, uma luz diferente, um cheiro diferente, é um misto de emoções no qual não se descreve, sente-se. O vento sopra e as roupas penduradas no estendal deixam-se levar pelos cânticos mais belos, um rapaz toca acordeão junto ao rio, os pássaros retornam aos seus ninhos. As casas coloridas junto à Ribeira ganham luz com o pôr-do-sol, a rua emprega um aroma a algodão doce, as crianças brincam com balões coloridos, os jovens riem-se e partilham histórias entre si, os mais velhos recordam outros tempos, os turistas contemplam a paisagem natural e arquitetonica. Uma suave brisa entrava pelas janelas dentro enquanto os raios de sol brincavam em tons de laranja e amarelo nos reflexos dos vidros. As casas ficam habitadas novamente, são 18h00 e o relógio para naquele exacto momento, fecho os meus olhos e irei guardar este momento eternamente.

 Credits: Image and text thescheme617