The Dream


I felt as if I were in one of those dreams, in which we should never wake up. However, time began to pass faster, the hands turned in opposite directions, and the sun and the moon would run after each other, it seemed that several days had passed, while I was standing exactly in the same place …

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– Oh Evelyn, Evelyn, I’m so happy! cried the girl, burying her face in the flowers.
⁃ I feel so happy! – Holidays, finally I will be able to visit my family, my friends, I miss them …
– Yes,- said Evelyn. -I wish I could go with you to the Caribbean.

Liz did not miss only
 her family but the hot sun smiling on her face, the paradisiacal beaches, the smells that nature gave her …

In her mind, the monotonous murmur of the tourists was already making itself felt, the smells of the restaurants crossed creating a harmonious aroma, the people dressed in a very relaxed way, they heard laughter in all directions …

– I do not want to change anything in England except for the weather,- Liz said. -But even today is a sunny day, don’t you agree, Evelyn?

⁃ Undoubtedly – But until I’m dreaming of the of the Caribbean beaches, would you take me in the suitcase?

A laugh went through the whole meadow …

⁃ Oh Evelyn, Evelyn, sinto-me tão feliz! – disse a rapariga aos gritos, enterrando o rosto entre as flores.⁃ Oh Evelyn, Evelyn, sinto-me tão feliz! – disse a rapariga aos gritos, enterrando o rosto entre as flores.

⁃ Sinto-me tão feliz! – repetiu ela- Férias, finalmente vou poder visitar a minha família, os meus amigos, sinto muito a falta deles….    

⁃Sim – disse Evelyn – Quem me dera poder ir contigo para as Caraíbas.

Liz não sentia só falta da família mas do sol quente a bater-lhe no rosto, as praias paradisíacas, os cheiros que a natureza lhe proporcionava …

Na sua mente, o monótono murmúrio dos turistas já se faziam sentir, os cheiros dos dos restaurantes cruzavam-se criando um aroma harmonioso, as pessoas vestiam-se de uma forma muito descontraída, ouvem-se gargalhadas em todas as direcções…

⁃Eu não desejo mudar nada na Inglaterra a não ser o tempo – disse Liz – No entanto, hoje até esteja um dia de sol maravilhoso, não concordas Evelyn?

⁃Sem dúvida – Mas até eu estou estou a sonhar com as praias paradisíacas das Caraíbas, levas-me na mala ?

Uma gargalhada percorreu o prado inteiro…


Lake District, Wastwater


I already knew why I recognised that place, it was once one of my favourite childhood places.
However, this time it would all not be a dream. There would have been an eternity in another life, maybe …
It was a dream he’d had last night after seeing an old childhood movie made by his uncles, second cousins.

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Behind the scene: Part II


What would it be like to see the world in black and white? …
After a long internal discussion, it was decided to try to open the eyes and delude what you can see, that it is the colours. Our brain is undoubtedly amazing, can I delude it?
My first impression is that it would not be an easy task, but after a few minutes I realized that it is a good thing that we can see the colours, but there is something in a black and white portrait that I can not explain, the contrasts and the variants of shadows and ashes.

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Behind the scene: Part I


The light finally began to appear on the other side of the meadow full of lilac flowers and various shades of pink.
I felt strangely happy when the sun hit my face. Maybe it was the feeling that I would be a model today, but the freedom was so close that it could be exchanged it for the feeling with the springy smell that was hanging in the air.

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I ran my fingers over the books, feeling each story inside the coloured covers.
I could imagine them writing every preface just as I’m writing mine, scratching line after line when words did not come out as I wish they would.
For a few moments, my body became immobilised and I simply focused on what was around me.
I was truly amazed. Bicycles everywhere?

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Sky as Cotton Candy


Here the clouds looked like cotton candy.
Anna climbed the ramp as fast as she could and jumped as high as she could.
She could not contain the anxiety, the joy, even though she had a large group of tourists watching her jumping.
– Anna, have you ever imagined jumping until you reach a cloud?
– ahahah – laughed Melanie – Well, I think you got it.

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