The light was finally beginning to appear among the eucalyptus trees. At that place, the scenery seemed to have come out of a movie.

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The village of Piódão


I ran my fingers through the photography, I could imagine that day again. The cold was wrinkling my skin, and the clothes I wore on that day seemed light to the icy wind that I felt in the mountains, on the way to a small historical village of Portugal, Piódão.

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October, the month when the leaves are falling, and the coats come out from the shelf, but this year it seemed like It was going to take a while to happen.

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Chapter I

There, the river was spreading into the sea. That morning, the sky was covered with a white blanket.
Sophie and Phoebe woke up in the fog that was covering the island last few weeks.
They looked up, the sun had already been born but they could not see it. That was the problem, the time. They wanted to enjoy the last week of August at the beach.
“All right, swimsuit with lemons?” -Sophie hummed

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Porto – river Douro


Oh city with history, Oh city full of light, Oh city of wine!
I am a witness that I could get lost in this small town, between small streets and great avenues, with houses more and more colourful and full of history through the smell of fresh paint.
Porto offers a harmonious synthesis of ancient and contemporary attractions.
A city with character, with personality, of friendly people and with a charming accent, of a beauty that I lack words to describe what I have in my soul.

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On top of the world!



What the picture really reflects is life, feelings, purity, plainness, freedom. We are only the spectators of all beautiful things.

– Sofia, this is extraordinary! We climbed to the top of the world, I catch sight from behind the mountain the universe …

– You have a great imagination my dear friend!

Both smile stupefied with thunderous image spotted, at the top of the mountain.

In their watches, the pointers indicated seven and at that moment their breathing increased, the fog fleetingly covered mountains, the breeze ran through the trees, the birds quickly get out of their nests in a small mumble, bees buzzing between the grass green and fresh, the intense scent of wild flowers hang in the air, while the most delicate odor that ever they had felt.

The nature, give them a sense of freedom and renewal. When they stepped on wet grass, they took a deep breath. The fresh morning air looked away all her darkest feelings. They felt, however, that this transformation did something for them.

O que a imagem espelha realmente é vida, sentimentos, pureza, naturalidade, liberdade.    Nós,  somos apenas os espectadores de todas as coisas belas.

– Sofia, isto é extraordinário! Subimos ao topo do Mundo, avisto por trás da montanha o universo…

– Imaginação não te falta minha cara amiga!

Ambas sorriem estupefactas com a imagem estrondosa que avistavam, no topo da montanha.

Nos seus relógios, os ponteiros indicavam sete horas e naquele exato momento as suas respirações aumentavam, o nevoeiro cobria fugazmente as montanhas, a brisa corria por entre as árvores, os pássaros saiam velozmente dos seus ninhos num pequeno múrmuro, as abelhas zunindo entre a relva verde e fresca, o intenso perfume de flores selvagens pairavam no ar, ao mesmo tempo o mais delicado odor que alguma vez tinham sentido.

A natureza, transmitiam-lhes uma sensação de liberdade e renovação. Quando pisaram a relva molhada, respiraram fundo. O ar fresco da manhã parecia afastar todos os seus sentimentos mais sombrios. Sentiram, contudo, que aquela transformação fizera alguma coisa por elas.

Credits: Image and text thescheme617