At that place, the scenery seemed to have come out of a movie. While it was a day, I explored every corner of the mountain until I found a charming house … – Hello! My name is Jacob and I live in one of these houses. May I help you? – Good afternoon! said Rita … More Lost

The Map!

I looked at the map in my pocket. Soon I would reach a small resting area, with tables and benches made of wood. Maybe we would stop and eat something. And so we could go with the lighter suitcases up to the top of the mountain. The mountain loomed ahead of us, growing taller and taller.

The pink wall!

We spent the entire Sunday walking and investigating the architectural structures in detail. “This house has a very funny story,” Dylan murmured. Angela grinned. Did the pink panther stand here? Angela asked.


My eyes closed suddenly. A dense concentration of bushes concealed my face. – What are you doing, Sophie? He waited a few moments. “Well,” he said slowly, “to remind me of my childhood. “Hmm,” Alex muttered.

The Moon!

Perhaps the earth had begun to turn in an opposite direction, today, I see everything contrariwise way to what happened on the previous day. “Let me be a child and dream!” In my dream, everyone in the world could be a child. The sky was painted in a blue light and the clouds looked like … More The Moon!

Private Access

– Arthur, Arthur – he shouted – let’s walk through, don’t you hear anything? – David, you leave me very uneasy. You are constantly under my care. I’m pretty sure that there is nothing behind this gate. – No – she replied David, with a pink face – the Key pick me up and let’s … More Private Access

Hello! What’s your name?

Every friendship is built around a common feeling. Admire life with new people, however, put yourself in a situation of identification and curiosity: “Hello. What is your name? She said, approaching him. He spoke in a very funny tone and the conversation continued for a few brief moments… The nature and details – hat, watch, the boy and the garden that surround him are the bases for the … More Hello! What’s your name?