Behind the scene: Part II


What would it be like to see the world in black and white? …
After a long internal discussion, it was decided to try to open the eyes and delude what you can see, that it is the colours. Our brain is undoubtedly amazing, can I delude it?
My first impression is that it would not be an easy task, but after a few minutes I realized that it is a good thing that we can see the colours, but there is something in a black and white portrait that I can not explain, the contrasts and the variants of shadows and ashes.

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The Map!


I looked at the map in my pocket. Soon I would reach a small resting area, with tables and benches made of wood.

Maybe we would stop and eat something. And so we could go with the lighter suitcases up to the top of the mountain.

The mountain loomed ahead of us, growing taller and taller.

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The pink wall!

Captura de ecrã 2017-04-16, às 15.23.55

We spent the entire Sunday walking and investigating the architectural structures in detail.

“This house has a very funny story,” Dylan murmured.

Angela grinned.

Did the pink panther stand here? Angela asked.

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My eyes closed suddenly.
A dense concentration of bushes concealed my face.
– What are you doing, Sophie?
He waited a few moments.
“Well,” he said slowly, “to remind me of my childhood.
“Hmm,” Alex muttered.

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Wearing All – star


White All-Star
All-star black
All-star red
Purple All-Star
All-star polka dot …
I did not dare look around to see how many all-stars Chelsea had.
 “Hum, maybe a thousand pairs of all-stars in this room, right?”

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The Moon!


Perhaps the earth had begun to turn in an opposite direction, today, I see everything contrariwise way to what happened on the previous day.
“Let me be a child and dream!”
In my dream, everyone in the world could be a child. The sky was painted in a blue light and the clouds looked like cotton candy, they had a soft pink colour and the scent looked like a mixture of cherry and strawberry.
 – What is this place? I whispered in wonder, as Sarah looked at me with a smile from ear to ear …

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The island of flowers


I found in my dreams, the island of flowers. An island not yet discovered by pirates, however, given the geographical location of the island, it was immune to humans.
Nature is of origin, I would say joking, so I would be the one to step on this island and would keep for me the greatest secret of the universe.
I realize that one day, this beauty could disappear from my memory, so I will immortalize it through photography.
In the foreground, the flowers, the color pink, and as background, I, once, discovered the island of flowers.
I close my eyes and feel something I have never felt before, I think I lack the words to describe this sensation …
The imagination serves as a mediator between the girl and the island of flowers, a place that is not on the map, but in the universe of Sandrine, who will carry with her the best kept secret. For us, observers only this image will be a proof that the island of flowers exists, or at least for those who believe.

Encontrei nos meus sonhos, a ilha das flores. Uma ilha ainda não descoberta por piratas, contudo, dada a localização geográfica da ilha, a mesma ficou imune ao ser humano.
A natureza é de origem, diria eu em tom de brincadeira, assim sendo, eu seria a única a pisar esta ilha e iria guardar para mim o maior segredo do universo.
Apercebo-me que um dia esta beleza poderia desaparecer da minha memória, por isso irei imortaliza-la através da fotografia.
Em primeiro plano, as flores, à cor rosa, e como segundo plano, eu, uma vez que, descobri a ilha das flores.
Fecho os olhos, e sinto algo que nunca tinha sentido antes, julgo que me faltam as palavras para descrever esta sensação…
A imaginação serve de mediadora entre a rapariga e a ilha das flores, um lugar que não se encontra no mapa, mas sim no universo de Sandrine, que irá levar com ela o segredo mais bem guardado. Para nós, observadores apenas esta imagem será uma prova que a ilha das flores ,existe, ou pelo menos para quem acredita.