I decided to open my eyes. There was a moment of silence. Would it be a dream, I was a child again?
Well, maybe all of us would one daydream that we would go back in time.
My mind identified the place as if I had not lived anything else from then on. It was my childhood lake, I spent a great part of my summer vacation there with my family, really missed those times …
I was very small and explored everything that was around me, in search of treasure, sometimes found lost objects, for example, to this day I keep a colored beads bracelet with stars. I remember seeing it for the first time, picked it up from the dusty floor and ran to my mother.
– Mom, look what I found by the lake. Fallen stars from the sky.
At this moment, my attention was divided between space and my family.
How I miss being a kid!





My observation was between the dark blue sky and the stars. I was fascinated to observe them.
It had been weeks and weeks since that night, but the starry sky did not leave my head.
From one moment to the next, several thoughts filled my head:
-What would it be like to observe the stars of space?

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