Berlengas Islands

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I ran my fingers over the photograph, felt the wind running through the hair, for a moment, I imagined myself staring at the horizon and trying to reach Berlengas Island.
– David,- Eleonor said casually.
– Did you know that it is one of the best places on the Portuguese coast for underwater activities?

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Pool Bubbles!




Perfumed garden with the rich scent of pine trees, you could feel a fragrance of various flowers that filled the entrance of Peter’s family vacation home.

There was a girl next to the pool with long, straight and hazel colour hair, her smile was contagious, her face was represented as graceful and gentle so it was impossible not to be affected by Caroline.
The sun was rising as the minutes was passing, it was up to ten o’clock in the morning, a temperature of 30 degrees, which turn the pool more desirable.

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