Ana, with this background landscape I imagine what it would be like to surf on Mars! -said Nathan, smiling.
⁃ She stood up and, with a confused expression on her face, advanced in the direction of the wave …
– I’m leaving,- Nathan said at last, in a quiet voice. – The sun is disappearing on the horizon and today you have improved a lot Ana, any day you are a professional.

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Lake District, Wastwater


I already knew why I recognised that place, it was once one of my favourite childhood places.
However, this time it would all not be a dream. There would have been an eternity in another life, maybe …
It was a dream he’d had last night after seeing an old childhood movie made by his uncles, second cousins.

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In my mind, I imagined what it would be like to live on another planet without these stunning landscapes.
In fact, I was curious to know how this place had come about, I had the notion that the best thing to do at this point was to observe every detail that nature offered us.
I was surprised by the silence that I felt in the forest.
– Fred, – I whispered, my rocky voice.

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The journey!


The occupation of my time became the main priority for my family.

We walked, walked and walked all day until our legs can not move anymore …

-Well, this day is perfect for a walk on the beach, said, Anthony.

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Pool Bubbles!




Perfumed garden with the rich scent of pine trees, you could feel a fragrance of various flowers that filled the entrance of Peter’s family vacation home.

There was a girl next to the pool with long, straight and hazel colour hair, her smile was contagious, her face was represented as graceful and gentle so it was impossible not to be affected by Caroline.
The sun was rising as the minutes was passing, it was up to ten o’clock in the morning, a temperature of 30 degrees, which turn the pool more desirable.

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The Window​!



I see things differently, I think of them otherwise, for someone it is a reflection of a person for me is more than that.
It is the reflection of a soul, the harmony of soul and body.
I see this in an abstract sense of the beauty of the landscape. One day I may be able to express what my eyes see and what I really think.
– What you see Andrea?
I see a landscape painted in shades of blue. Nature is art, nature is the creator of the most beautiful things.
I can go through my reflection and see something I have not felt for a long time – The smell of the sea.
– And you what do you see, Chris?
– A table of life.
A portrait of a beautiful young girl and a friend with extraordinary beauty, and before her, within small walking distance, is a superb landscape, a room flooded by the fragrance of the sea, and the soft summer breeze behind her smells of lilies , on the balcony.
– Andrea, do not go, friends should always be close to each other.

Vejo as coisas de maneira diferente, penso nelas de outro modo, para alguns é um reflexo de uma pessoa para mim é mais que isso.

É o reflexo de uma alma, a harmonia da alma e do corpo.
Vejo isto num sentido abstrato da beleza da paisagem. Um dia talvez consiga exprimir o que os meus olhos veem mas o que realmente penso.
– O que vês Andrea?
Vejo uma paisagem pintada em tons de azul. A natureza é a arte, a natureza é a criadora das coisas mais belas.
Consigo atravessar o meu reflexo e ver algo que não sentia há muito tempo – O cheiro do mar.
– E tu o que vês, Chris ?
– Um quadro com vida.
Um retrato de uma bela jovem e amiga com uma beleza extraordinária, e antes dela, a uma pequena distância, encontra-se uma paisagem soberba, uma sala inundada pela fragrância do mar, e a brisa suave de verão trás com ela os cheiros dos lírios, que se encontram na varanda.
– Andrea, não vás, os amigos deveriam estar sempre perto uns dos outros.


Summer heat!


IMG_8857 (1)

The sea was calm, with a gradient effect of dark blue and green water, a light breeze ran through the colorful towels, straw hats created a fun and an exotic environment to the beach.

A beach completely filled with tourists. There was in the air distinct accents, each one more beautiful than the other, some more delicate, others stronger. It’s a strange mix when we focused on what is happening around us, however, it remains particularly catchy and funny the languages that definitely could not understand. Right now, this mixture of cultures is my art, my inspiration and what do my eyes shine with this explosion of colors.

I see things differently, I think of them in different ways. I can now recreate life and the beauty of that landscape in one flash. There’s nothing like capturing the exact moment, the most beautiful pose and most vibrant colors between such a relaxed crowd and especially on a summer day.

O mar estava calmo, com um efeito de degradê do azul-escuro ao verde água, uma leve brisa corria por entre as toalhas coloridas, os chapéus de palha criavam um ambiente exótico e divertido à praia.

Uma praia completamente recheada de turistas. Havia no ar sotaque distintos, cada um mais bonito que o outro, alguns mais delicados, outros muito fortes. É um mix estranho quando ficamos focados no que se passa à nossa volta, no entanto, não deixa de ser cativante e engraçado principalmente as línguas que definitivamente não conseguimos entender. Neste preciso momento, esta mistura de culturas são a minha arte, a minha inspiração e o que fazem os meus olhos brilharem com esta explosão de cores.

Vejo as coisas de maneira diferente, penso nelas de maneira diferente. Posso agora recriar a vida e a beleza desta mesma paisagem num só flash. Não há nada como captar o momento exato, a pose mais bela e as cores mais vibrantes entre uma multidão tão descontraída e principalmente num dia de verão.

Credits: Image and text thescheme617