Ana, with this background landscape I imagine what it would be like to surf on Mars! -said Nathan, smiling.
⁃ She stood up and, with a confused expression on her face, advanced in the direction of the wave …
– I’m leaving,- Nathan said at last, in a quiet voice. – The sun is disappearing on the horizon and today you have improved a lot Ana, any day you are a professional.

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Waves of Nazareth


The interior of the van was full of the intense perfume of the beach, and when the breeze ran through the doors and open windows the stench of the sea made it feel even more …
For me, the interior was a complete house: bathroom; a bed; living room and kitchen. In the center of the room was a table and two sofas, we spent most of our nights there talking for hours, it was undoubtedly the best holiday we could have.

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The friendship!

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The friendships between them are the main feeling that gives meaning and color to their lives! Andrew and Charlie on a summer day, hovering around 35 degrees they decided to go to the beach. The sea was calm, the sky was completely blue and no sign of a cloud in sight, the sun reflected on the water the most cheerful colors that the boys had ever seen.

After a short ride on the rocks, they decided to play the ball, no wait, basketball, volleyball, in that day everything was worth, they had a huge space where they can have fun freely. In the eyes of a curious, I managed to capture a contagious joy of the boys, a feeling of great complexity from both.

The competition between the two was healthy, but always taken very seriously! Indeed, although they were willing to spend the night on the beach, the sun was slowly running away, but the laughter still echoed through the hills that were there on the beach, the ball still rolled in the dry and hot sand, the yellow stripes and white awnings still agitated with the slightest breeze and they stay there to give jumps of joy.

A amizade entre ambos são os principais sentimentos que dão sentido e cor às suas vidas! Andrew e Charlie num dia de verão, a rondar os 35º graus decidiram ir à praia. O mar estava calmo, o céu estava completamente azul e nem sinal de uma nuvem à vista, o sol refletia sobre a água as cores mais alegres que alguma vez os meninos tinham visto.

Após um breve passeio sobre as rochas, decidiram jogar à bola, não espera, basquetebol, voleibol, naquele dia tudo valia, tinham um espaço enorme onde podiam divertir-se à vontade. Aos olhos de uma curiosa, eu consegui captar uma alegria contagiante dos rapazes, um sentimento de grande complexidade entre os dois.

A competição entre os dois era saudável, mas sempre levada muito a sério! Com efeito, embora estivessem dispostos a pernoitar na praia, o sol aos poucos ia fugindo, mas as gargalhadas ainda faziam eco pelas serras que ali se encontravam junto à praia, a bola ainda rolava na areia seca e quente, os toldos às riscas amarelas e brancas ainda agitavam com a leve brisa e eles ali ficaram a dar pulos de alegria.

Credits: Image and text thescheme617