At that place, the scenery seemed to have come out of a movie. While it was a day, I explored every corner of the mountain until I found a charming house … – Hello! My name is Jacob and I live in one of these houses. May I help you? – Good afternoon! said Rita … More Lost


Time began to pass faster. We had no idea of the days that was passing when we were on vacation – there was no point we were just trying to enjoy every day. We left the city at 6 o’clock in the morning, the direction was to the north, for a wooden bridge that follows, … More Camping


My eyes closed suddenly. A dense concentration of bushes concealed my face. – What are you doing, Sophie? He waited a few moments. “Well,” he said slowly, “to remind me of my childhood. “Hmm,” Alex muttered.

The Moon!

Perhaps the earth had begun to turn in an opposite direction, today, I see everything contrariwise way to what happened on the previous day. “Let me be a child and dream!” In my dream, everyone in the world could be a child. The sky was painted in a blue light and the clouds looked like … More The Moon!

Private Access

– Arthur, Arthur – he shouted – let’s walk through, don’t you hear anything? – David, you leave me very uneasy. You are constantly under my care. I’m pretty sure that there is nothing behind this gate. – No – she replied David, with a pink face – the Key pick me up and let’s … More Private Access