The Fog

There was a cold wind in October, and Bella closed her eyes as she listened to the silence of nature. The heavy clouds were coming slowly down the mountain, and the fog began to thicken, making the road invisible to the mountain.


I decided to open my eyes. There was a moment of silence. Would it be a dream, I was a child again?  I decided to open my eyes. There was a moment of silence. Would it be a dream, I was a child again? Well, maybe all of us would one daydream that we would … More Children


The light was finally beginning to appear among the eucalyptus trees. At that place, the scenery seemed to have come out of a movie.

The Window​!

I see things differently, I think of them otherwise, for someone it is a reflection of a person for me is more than that. It is the reflection of a soul, the harmony of soul and body. I see this in an abstract sense of the beauty of the landscape. One day I may be … More The Window​!

The Friendship!

Friendship and love are the main feelings that give meaning to our lives. Something you can not describe in a genuine way, but you can feel it in a natural way and makes your stocks unique. Life sometimes separates us from who we love most,  a family member or a friend and all those whom we … More The Friendship!

The Journey!

The storyteller starts by describing a mix of emotions to be seen before an unexpected departure, a different country, searching for new adventures, other customs, new friends … “See you soon my beloved city, my safe home and see you soon Switzerland. . . ” In 2016, Hanna will make a big decision, searching for … More The Journey!

The Lisbon’s girl!

Waking up in Lisbon, city of colorful houses, the balconies full of flowers spreading out an intense scent of spring, the brighter and more intense sunlight you can ever seen. Walk through Lisbon and go to the discovery, through streets that seem endless mazes, the portuguese pants with irregular shapes and their alternative designs, the … More The Lisbon’s girl!

On top of the world!

What the picture really reflects is life, feelings, purity, plainness, freedom. We are only the spectators of all beautiful things. – Sofia, this is extraordinary! We climbed to the top of the world, I catch sight from behind the mountain the universe … – You have a great imagination my dear friend! Both smile stupefied … More On top of the world!