Berlengas Islands

I ran my fingers over the photograph, felt the wind running through the hair, for a moment, I imagined myself staring at the horizon and trying to reach Berlengas Island. – David,- Eleonor said casually. – Did you know that it is one of the best places on the Portuguese coast for underwater activities? Advertisements


At that place, the scenery seemed to have come out of a movie. While it was a day, I explored every corner of the mountain until I found a charming house … – Hello! My name is Jacob and I live in one of these houses. May I help you? – Good afternoon! said Rita … More Lost


An American dream. In Washington state, there is a city called Seattle. The mountains, the sea, the rivers, the forest and the fields surround a city of Seattle. In this placeĀ the climate is cold and humid in the winter, hot and dry in the summer. It was in Seattle that I dreamed of spending my … More Seattle


I was truly amazed and delighted with the whole green colours that I had around me. I was surprised when the forest gave way to a small village in the middle of the pines and a stream … I knew it was getting dark and we still had a long way to get out of … More Forest


I played with the handle, the wrist, of the camera, remembering the first photo of that day – a girl facing a basketball basket. So much had changed and so suddenly … Time passing by. Even when it seems to be impossible. However, the pleasure was to feel that emotion that was taking of my … More Basketball


Chapter I There, the river was spreading into the sea. That morning, the sky was covered with a white blanket. Sophie and Phoebe woke up in the fog that was covering the island last few weeks. They looked up, the sun had already been born but they could not see it. That was the problem, … More Fog

Colourful night sky

The image stuckĀ in my memory was incredibly beautiful. It was just perfect. The sky looked like layers in various warm tones, what surprised me most was the warm air that the mountains freed, nature is a mystery. I could stop time at that exact moment, the picture tells me everything I saw and felt. The … More Colourful night sky